Airport architecture and structures


  • Architectural planning

  • Architectural details

  • Functional zoning

  • Elevation design and coloring

  • 3D rendering

  • Interior design

  • Way finding design

  •  Metal structures design

  • Concrete structures design

  • Building thermotechnical  calculation


Airport special systems


  • Air Traffic Control tower design

  • Navigation aids location and system architecture development

  • Meteorological equipment location and system architecture development

  • AGL (Airfield Ground Lighting) and signage design

  • CCR (constant current regulator) calculation

  • AGL vault design

  • Apron floodlighting design

  • Technical specifications

  • Requirements for related system


Airfield planning and pavements


  • Airport obstacle analysis and limitation

  • Airport land use Planning

  • Airside geometric design

  • Landside geometric design

  • Grading plan and earthworks balance

  • Aircraft taxiing 3D modeling

  • Airfield marking layouts

  • Passenger boarding bridge calculation

  • Pavement structure calculation and design

  • Pavement cross section and details

  • Longitudinal profiles

  • Technical specifications for pavement materials


Airfield inspection


  • PCN Evaluation

  • Pavement roughness evaluation

  • CBR test for the unpaved runways

  • Concrete core sample testing

  • Analysis of Bituminous Mixtures

  • Measurement of the flexural bowl


Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Systems


  • Heating  Ventilation and Air Conditioning design

  • Building thermal design

  • Water supply design

  • Sewerage design

  • Stormwater drainage design

  • Hydraulic calculation

  • Electrical and power supply system design

  • Lighting design

  • Electrical substation design

  • Circuit breaker and short circuit calculations

  • Building lightning guard and earthing design

  • Electrical single line diagram development

  • Control circuit diagrams

  • CCTV (Close Circuit Television) system design

  • Access control system design

  • External utilities design


Fire Protection


  • Complex fire safety analysis

  • Fire rescue station design

  • Smoke exhausting system design

  • Fire extinguishing system design

  • Fire fighting pumping station design

  • Fire alarm system design

  • Escape routs calculation